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Our Goal for You:

We Want YOU to Become a Complete Real Estate Investor!

The Story of Flip with Rick

Are You Sick of "Real Estate Gurus" with the flashy sports cars, gold watches, and "Woo-Woo" that don't do deals? 

Do you want to deal with Actual Real  Estate Investors That MAKE MORE MONEY in Real Estate Investing then in Coaching?

Do you want to Learn more then to be a "One Trick Wholesaler?

This was the problem Rick Ginn has encountered since 2004 in the real estate investing industry. Every real estate mentor he encountered was a full time coach and not a full time investor 
or they simply couldn't teach anything else besides making a "Quick Buck" in Wholesaling. 
Don't get us wrong we love real estate wholesaling and Rick Ginn runs on the largest real estate wholesaling operations in Florida, but he realized long ago Wholesaling Can't Build True Generational Wealth! 

So Rick Ginn decided he wanted to teach people how to Become Complete Real Estate Investors! Rick Ginn one of the few mentors that will teach you every aspect of real estate investing so you can have all the tools possible to become as successful as possible! So Flip with Rick was born to teach real estate investors the way to financial freedom from Actual ACTIVE Real Estate Investors

 Together Flip with Rick has Mentored over 10,000 real estate students Become Complete Real Estate Investors! We specialize in Wholesaling Real Estate, Fix and Flips, Wholetails, Rental Properties, Creative Finance, Subject To’s, and Lease Options. 

What We Believe

We believe here at Flip with Rick that the only thing stopping YOU from living the life of your dreams through financial peace and freedom is your Knowledge! 

Knowledge truly is Power!

With the real estate investing knowledge that Flip with Rick provides you will be able to go out in any real estate market with little to no money and make huge profits! We give you the tools and the power to successfully Wholesale Real Estate, Purchase Houses for Deep Discounts, & Create Permanent Cashflow!

Meet Our Team

Rick Ginn

Flip with Rick

Zach Ginn

Flip with Rick

Rick Ginn got a job out of college like most Americans got caught up in the rat race of corporate America and realized the pitfalls of working a 9-5! He had enough and in 2004 he started wholesaling real estate and was able to Quit his 6 Figure a year JOB and become a full time real estate investor that same year! Fast forward to today Rick runs one the largest Flipping/Wholesaling operations in the state of Florida. 

Rick's passion for helping other achieve the same dream he was able to back in 2004! Rick has been blessed to mentor over 10,000+ Students and help them achieve Time and Financial Freedom through real estate investing!
Zach Ginn is the 20 year old Son of Rick Ginn! Zach never had an interest in real estate growing up until he had enough at his minimum wage bag boy job at the age of 17. Zach went to Rick for mentorship on how to make money in real estate but Rick told him to find a way to get deal by himself. Zach Quickly went to reading books and Youtube and Learned how to Wholesale Real Estate. 

Zach Quickly grasped wholesaling and eventually made over $100,000 in wholesale fees before graduating high school & turning 18 by himself. After high school Zach quickly joined forces with Rick and he nows Runs the entire operations of Rick's Real Estate Investing Company. Zach is dedicated to helping you become a complete real estate investor!