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Real Estate Wholesaling

Virtually Wholesaling Real Estate Step by Step

Zach Ginn today will break down in methodical detail how to get your first virtual wholesale deal in real estate investing. 

These steps are essential to getting great deals in real estate wholesaling when doing everything with a phone and a computer. Overall we know if you follow these steps you will be a virtual wholesaling killer in your virtual market!

Enjoy! We hope you gained some real estate wholesaling and investing knowledge from this video!

The Ultimate Appointment Guide
 (I Got The Deal)

Watch Zach Ginn Go on an Appointment Live and watch Zach give you the Ultimate guide on getting the deals and contracts on wholesale appointments with Sellers!

The acquisitions process in real estate investing and wholesaling is essential for success in any real estate investors business! 


Rick Breaks Down Exactly How He Wholesaled This Piece of Land for $7,000 while at home in quarantine. 

Rick Shows you how he got the deal and how you can do the same right now virtually!

How to Find & Wholesale Pre-Foreclosures

How to Find & Wholesale Pre-Foreclosures

Zach Ginn breaks down step by step how to market pre-foreclosure leads and how to take them down and wholesale them for a profit. Pre-Foreclosures seem scary and unknown but with the right marketing and knowledge you can turn pre-foreclosures into a consistent and easy marketing channel as a real estate wholesaler!


SMS Text Blasting Guide Step by Step 

Zach Ginn gives you a complete breakdown on how to exactly start your SMS text blasting marketing for 2020 and beyond. We at Flip with Rick truly believe that SMS text blasting won't be here for long but for the next year it will be a very cost effective and great way to get in contact with motivated sellers for wholesalers and other real estate investors. 

Some Good SMS Text Blasting Services are:

10 Things You Must Know Before You Cold Call

Today Zach brings you into his the cold calling dojo and gives you some amazing tips about cold calling for motivated sellers in real estate. 

How to Find Discounted Properties

We break down today how to find deeply discounted off-market properties in 2019 in any market. 

Wholesaling Guides (Take Notes)


How to find Cash Buyers in your Real Estate Wholesaling Operation. Cash Buyers are one of the most important ways. In this video Zach Ginn of Flip with Rick gives you a step by step breakdown on how to find cash buyers!

Complete Marketing Guide

Marketing 101 for New Wholesalers in real estate investing. In this guide Zach is going to give you a complete guide on marketing for motivated sellers. 

There are a million marketing strategies but Zach will give you a breakdown on them all!

Virtual Wholesaling Live Training (Step by Step)

In this Guide Zach Ginn gives you a live step by step breakdown on how to lock up wholesale deals from anywhere in the country doing virtual wholesaling!

Simple & FREE Podio Setup Guide for Real Estate Wholesaling 

LIVE Training Today! WATCH ME while I show you how to setup Podio for FREE. Podio is a CRM that is widely used by so many Real Estate Investors, Real Estate Wholesalers, Fix and Flippers, Real Estate Agents, and Realtors

SMS Text Blasting Step by Step Guide

Zach Ginn is here to give you a complete breakdown on all things SMS Text Blasting for Wholesaling Real Estate. This guide is really useful for real estate wholesalers looking for really effective and cost efficient ways to market for motivated sellers. I think sms texting blasting is one of the best sources to find deals for real estate investors. Grab a notebook and enjoy! 

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📱 FREE SMS Outbound Texting Scripts

The Bags to Riches E-Book (FREE)


Zach Will Show YOU The Exact Steps He Took to Get His 1st 3 Deals Within 90 Days!

Free & Simple Wholesaling Contract 

Easy to Use Contract to Lock Up Your Real Estate Deals!

   ✔️Easy to Fill Out
      ✔️Acceptable for Title Companies

*FREE* Deal Generator Cold Calling Script

"Get The EXACT Script That Has Produced for Me Over $100,000 in Wholesale Fees last Year

This Script Will Teach You 
✔️How to Cold Call Sellers
   ✔️How to Handle Objections
      ✔️How to Set the Appointment

*FREE* Deadly SMS Text Blasting Outbound Scripts

"Get The EXACT Script That Has Produced for Me Over $100,000 in Wholesale Fees last Year from SMS!

This Script Will Teach You 
✔️How to Get Your Message Across to Sellers
   ✔️How to Handle Objections
      ✔️How to Set the Appointment

The Bags to Riches Podcast

The Bags To Riches Podcast is 100% dedicated to Real Estate Investing. I'm Zach Ginn your host. I quitted my minimum wage bag boy job to pursue the riches of real estate investing at the age of 17 and never looked back. I'm here to educate real estate investors young and old how to become complete real estate investors by talking to the best and most influential minds in real estate.

Twice a month Zach will talk to a new and successful real estate entrepreneur, and gain insights in what makes them successful and their stories in the past, present, and future in real estate investing!

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