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Flip With Rick University
The Most Complete REI Coaching Group in America!

FWRU teaches your from start to finish how to become a real estate investor. This includes access to PPS 2.0, VPS, ROS, and other FWRU Products we don't even sell like our FWR Cold Calling, FWR Sweat Equity, Acquisition Hacks, Disposition Secrets, and More!

This is an immersive 12 month experience of 1 on 1 coaching calls, Weekly Video Group Chats, and access to us 24/7 on our private FWRU Group

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Priority Probate System 2.0
The Most Complete REI Probate in the World!

Join to be one of the thousands of probate marketing masters in your market. Probate deals are the most profitable deals in REI and most REI don't use them.....because they don't know how to do them correctly!

We will teach you to tap into the most underutilized marketing strategy, and how to beat out the competition with 

Scripts that have made Us and our Students Millions!

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Virtual Postcard System
Ever wonder if sending a postcard with direct mail was the only way to consistently and easily find leads and get deals? Sweat equity takes a lot of time and sometimes isn't worth the time effort that can be used to go on appointments. 

The Issues with Direct Mail is that its slowly getting more crowded (5 different postcards per motivated seller), more expensive (Mail costs are skyrocketing, and you have to pay crazy fees to pull information (Listsource)

The Virtual Postcard System teaches you how to find motivated sellers easily and efficiently (Like Direct Mail) without the hassles of a physical postcard hence.....Virtual Postcard!

We will be diving into Facebook advertising and make this daunting task into an easy and streamlined system that is just as easy as clicking a button and virtually racking in those leads!

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We will NOT teach you how to wholesale small deals and make less then 10k a deal. We are only interested in helping you make lasting wealth and streams of deals with our strategies. Our students are averaging $30,000+ on deals vs the industry average of $3,000-5,000!