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Virtual Postcard System will teach you to harvest leads online!
Are you sick of losing out on Direct Mail Deals because the seller chose to call postcard 1 out of 20 that week. 

Are you sick of code enforcement and other wholesalers picking up all of your bandit signs

Are you tired of Cold Calling being so expensive?

Are you ready to start harvesting motivated sellers from your computer for under <$10-15 a lead. 

Facebook Advertising is the future.......If you learn now you will become an expert before Facebook turns into the direct mail of tomorrow!
This is like Doing Direct Mail and Bandit Signs in 1989!
Facebook Advertising for Motivated sellers is the future of marketing for Real Estate Investing!

Doing it without help is like trying to use Cold Calling without a script. You will spend too much money learning whats right and the secret settings to get the Ads passively harvesting leads to you!
Ever wonder if sending a postcard with direct mail was the only way to consistently and easily find leads and get deals? Sweat equity takes a lot of time and sometimes isn't worth the time effort that can be used to go on appointments.
The Issues with Direct Mail is that its slowly getting more crowded (5 different postcards per motivated seller), more expensive (Mail costs are skyrocketing, and you have to pay crazy fees to pull information (Listsource)
The Virtual Postcard System teaches you how to find motivated sellers easily and efficiently (Like Direct Mail) without the hassles of a physical postcard hence.....Virtual Postcard!
We will be diving into Facebook advertising and make this daunting task into an easy and streamlined system that is just as easy as clicking a button and virtually racking in those leads!
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