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We put our money where our mouth is....These are some of the deals that we have done ourselves by using the systems we developed in the MOST competitive real estate wholesaling market in the Southeast and in Florida. Nobody else will show you HUD Statements/Deeds/REAL RESULTS because they don't do the deals we do....THEY ARE ONLY COACHES NOT REAL ESTATE INVESTORS. Thats the Difference between Gurus and Flip With Rick....We are For Real Estate Investors BY ACTUAL and ACTIVE Real Estate Investors. NO BS NO FLUFF JUST RESULTS

Rick Ginn


Chris from Indiana making over 100k a year from from FWR!

“Rick's Probate System made me over Six Figures in just probate deals this year!”

Robert Brown 

“Once Again rick I thank You so much for putting this together and everybody out there an investor world hey once again my name's rob brown I'm in Orlando I am an agent I am a wholesaler, Whatever the case is once again Rick thank you so much, sir and to all out there I wish you much success in your real estate investing efforts peace ”

John Kolter

"“You’ve done a very great job for me I appreciate it and I believe you’re honest and truthful in your dealings”

Dolly Box

"Oh! It was great, I enjoyed being with both of them and they both were very very nice and willing to work with me"

Carl and Thresa

"Zach Ginn did everything he said, and is a man of his word"